About Workplace Legal Solutions

Collier Lawyers is expanding to include a Cairns based practice and diversifying, into the specialist area of conflict resolution in the workplace.

My practice has been a mix of employment law (particularly workers compensation and unfair dismissal); family law and mediation. The family law practice has particularly developed my skills in resolving disputes!

As an employment lawyer I have acted for both Employers and employees. I have had a government tender for many years representing government agencies such as the Department of Health, the Department of Education, and Correctional Services, in relation to workplace disputes particular workers compensation.

The resolving of workplace disputes has long been a passion of mine. When you think about how many hours you spend at work, for most of us, it consumes our waking hours. If we are unhappy at work or having to deal with the unhappiness and complaints of colleagues or the staff we manage, it can quickly start effecting all areas of our lives. A workplace dispute effects the entire workplace if left unresolved.

So many court cases had the potential to be resolved if parties had had an opportunity to talk to each other in a safe, civil and productive environment. This is what mediating a dispute can offer. (See more on mediation under the heading of “Services”. 

I am also an accredited NLP practitioner, which is very helpful in relation to effective communicating.