Conflict in the workplace can result in lost productivity and poor work performance; increased sick leave and other absenteeism; formal complaints; compensation claims for stress; resignations; and invariably, lost profit.

It is inevitable that conflict may develop between employees, or between employers or those in a management role, and staff. A properly managed and properly resolved conflict can actually improve the working environment. But how often is it properly managed and resolved and how much or your time and your staff time is spent doing so?

As an employer it makes financial sense not to pay your staff to try and resolve workplace disputes particularly if that are not trained to do so. It makes financial sense to call in the experts, just as you would with any other issue. A badly handled attempt at resolving a dispute, no matter how well intentioned, will only make matters worse.

What is mediation?
This is a voluntary process whereby parties are given a safe and controlled environment within which to try and resolve their dispute. The mediator controls the process and it allows parties to talk civilly to each other and to be heard.

Mediation has a very high success rate.

Workplace mediations usually only take 3-4 hours and sometimes one session is enough. Ideally an agreement is reached which is drafted and documented by us. We can also provide recommendation as to future action which hopes to minimise the re-occurrence of the conflict.