Our Services

With 20 years legal experience in employment law matters and mediation, we can assist in relation to all workplace disputes and legal matters.

Most of us spend most of our waking time at work. An unhappy working environment can be devastating. For an employer, unhappy staff means lost productivity, increased sick leave, compensation claims for stress and invariably, lost profit. For an employee an unresolved workplace dispute can have a terrible effect on well-being and finances.  

Many disputes in the workplace can be resolved if acted upon quickly. More often than not though,  both employers and employees don’t seek assistance hoping the dispute will resolve itself. If it doesn’t ( which is most often the case) then parties find themselves engaging lawyers and engaging in litigation which is costly for both sides.

It is inevitable that conflict may develop between employees, or between employers or those in a management role, and staff. A properly managed and properly resolved conflict can actually improve the working environment. But how often is it properly managed and resolved and how much or your time and your staff’s time is spent doing so?

As an employer it makes financial sense not to pay your staff to try and resolve workplace disputes particularly if they are not trained to do so. It makes financial sense to call in the experts, just as you would with any other issue.

Workplace legal Solutions are experts in resolving workplace disputes. We can help you in a number of ways.

Mediation - We offer an affordable mediation service where parties to the dispute can try and resolve problems amicably and in a confidential setting.

Resolving Team Conflictwhere other workers are caught up in a dispute, we can ‘de-brief’ with them; and work on repairing the team morale.

Drafting agreements - We can draft a deed of agreement that sets out the agreement reached for the benefit of both parties.

Advice to Employers- we can advise you how to try and maximise employee satisfaction and retention; and how to treat your employees fairly and with respect to their legal rights. We can advise you as to your legal obligations as an Employer but also what you are legally entitled to expect from your staff.

Advice to Employees in relation to your legal rights and entitlements particularly in relation to termination of employment.

Workplace investigationsAs an Employer your business may be confronted with allegations of bullying, sexual harassment and/or discrimination; or you may wish to take action against an employee for dishonesty, or other serious misconduct. These are serious matters that must be properly investigated before action is taken or before being able to successfully defend allegations.

Representation– if negotiation fails, and provided there is no conflict, we can represent you in court and/or Fair Work Australia proceedings.

Regardless of what we do for you, our aim is to do it efficiently, professionally and as cost effectively as possible. We are an affordable legal service.