Workplace Investigations

Allegations of bullying, sexual harassment and/or discrimination are serious matters. As an employer if you want to be able to defend those allegations you must be properly appraised of the facts. This means taking statements from the relevant people and gathering documents. This can be a time consuming process which will result in lost productivity for your staff. In addition there will be issues as to confidentiality if an investigation is performed by your staff member.

The investigation needs to be objective, and conducted with discretion and with the legal skill and knowledge as to what their Employer will need to prove in order to defend the allegation. The Employer then needs to be provided with an objective and honest presentation of facts, and an honest objective advice as to the merits of success. It makes financial sense to call in an expert who has the appropriate legal knowledge, who is bound by confidentiality and who will give you an objective honest answer.

Workplace Legal Solution are experts in conducting workplace investigations.

Alternatively you may wish to take action against an employee for dishonesty, or other serious misconduct. These are serious matters that must be properly investigated before action is taken. There are serious consequences and cost penalties for unfairly dismissing an employee or making allegations against them that cannot ultimately be proved.

Don’t be caught out.

With our knowledge of what you will need to be able to prove to successfully defend an unfair dismissal action, let us investigate it for you first.